TPS partners with ProMedica to launch medical academy
Posted on 11/04/2021

Toledo Public Schools, in partnership with ProMedica, is proud to announce that renovations are underway on its newest magnet school: the Toledo Pre-Medical and Health Science Academy.

The school, which will open in fall of 2022, will focus on Biomedical Science, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Nursing and all Health Science fields. At the academy, students will have the opportunity upon graduation to begin an entry-level career in the medical field or choose to attend
college and further their education.

The school is now accepting applications. Interested students should apply here: or  they can call 419.671.3400.

Students’ experiences will mirror that of professionals’ in the medical industry because they will use state-of-the-art labs and a hands-on curriculum.

“Toledo Public Schools is committed to providing multiple pathways to create college and career ready graduates. Through the Toledo Pre-Medical and Health Science Academy, we will be able to develop a pipeline from high school to industry that will not only increase the number of health care workers in our community, but will also contribute to the overall workforce and economic development of Toledo,” said Dr. Romules Durant, CEO/Superintendent of the district.

“We are grateful to partner with and have our students learn from an organization like ProMedica that leads both locally and nationally in health care," he added.

The ProMedica partnership will provide educational opportunities, mentorship, internships, and thought leadership to the students and school administration. This will ensure the academy remains innovative and in touch with current and changing job markets.

”Preparing students for a career in the medical field is increasingly more important as a larger percentage of our
population grows older,” said Randy Oostra, president and CEO of ProMedica.

“Like many parts of our nation, our region faces significant medical professional shortages. Through partnerships and forward-thinking initiatives like the [academy], we can work to minimize those shortages and help ensure access to clinical excellence in our region for generations to come.”

The Toledo Pre-Medical and Health Science Academy is currently seeking to fill 72 seats for its initial class of 2026. For more information on enrollment, call 419.671.3400.